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Access to Red's Patreon-only Feed
Pledge $1 or more a month- You rock! Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. You are now officially a part of my patreon community and will have exclusive access to Patreon-only feed.

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Unlockable Mecha Goku Patron rank at theredheadhenry.com
Pledge $5 or more a month- HIGH FIVE! You'll receive a special Patron rank to your account on theredheadhenry.com. This rank is represented by Mecha Goku. You will also be awarded a special Mecha Goku achievement that can only be unlocked by pledging $5 or more. One you have pledged $5 or more, send me a PM over Patreon with your account name on theredheadhenry.com and I will unlock the rank and the achievement to the account you provide. This will be a permanent change unless you cancel your monthly contribution.
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I will be your Private Animation Mentor
I will personally help you with your animation and or teach you After Effects. We'll set up an online video call once a week through Skype where we work together on your animation, skills, and/or you show me your progress of what you have accomplished. You will need After Effects and possibly Photoshop. I have 5 years of professional experience and 10 years of personal experience with After Effects.
Includes all of the above.
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