RPG Training Tiers 1-3 - Monday March 30 Fear, Terror, Adaptation & RPG Help

 Topic of the Week: Part 3 Lonliness, Isolation, and overcoming adversity Game this session:  Dresden Files Accelerated GM: David Quiz Applied Gaming section 1 Break RPG Theory Lecture RPG Tools & Skills Break Applied Gaming section 2 Break Quiz Redux TR Quiz  Covering various theories and discussions relevant to role-playing games in all formats, RPG models, therapeutic recreation /recreation therapy, neurosciences, psychology, and applicability to optimizing the RPG experience to achieve specific measurable goals for recreation, entertainment, education, and therapy. https://youtube.com/rpgresearch   RPG Training: Applied, theory, tools, & skills development.  If you miss the live broadcasts, Patreon supporters have access to the video 4+ weeks before public release (as a thank you for their support). http://patreon.com/rpgresearch  RPG Research: "We are helping people heal & improving the quality of life for diverse populations around the world by providing accessible & inclusive collaborative research-supported programs using music and role-playing games."  Researching RPGs since 1983, providing programs in schools since 1985, in therapeutic settings and online since 2004. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. RPG Research provides an open international community, sharing, studying, and providing accessible & inclusive, collaborative music and games, to help improve people's lives! " Encouraging game developers to " Begin with Accessibility & Inclusiveness in Mind.". http://www.rpgresearch.com 

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