Ah, yes. I like to partake in the #RPGaDAY blogging event that's just about to hit. My plan for this event is to not have those posts be part of the writings my patrons are supporting, unless they talk about design or design elements.

For instance, the 12th, "Which RPG has the most inspiring art?" might be one of those. The 23rd, "Which RPG has the most jaw-dropping layout?" definitely will. Depending on how I approach the 29th, "What is the best-run RPG Kickstarter campaign you have backed?" might be one as well.

Like 2016, I may swap a few topics out for questions of my choice. 

My other thought is just do a patron post here that points to the articles I would like to highlight for this project, so there's only two or three patron posts this month instead of wondering which ones of the thirty-one topics will actually be more design-influenced.