Ross Payton

Black Dolphin Patron (Bonus Podcasts)

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  • RPPR After Hours podcast. In After Hours, the regulars of RPPR discuss obscure gaming products, pop culture, and everything else we don't talk about in the main podcasts. 
  • Special Topic podcasts: Every month, we release a special topic podcast. It ranges from reviews of old World of Darkness and Palladium books to mining movies and TV shows for gaming ideas, among others! 
  • RPPR Illustrated: See scenes from your favorite actual play episodes! One wallpaper sized image every month. 
  • Discord: An invitation to the RPPR Patreon Discord server at the Patron level. 
  • You hang out at the bar for base raiders, the Black Dolphin. Come have a drink and hang out.

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  • Podcasts
  • Discord Access
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