This should actually be RS/BTS 004. But it makes more sense if the numbers match the page they're for, doesn't it?

So let's talk RS007. Jenn's initial thumbnail is a pretty far cry from the final.

When the thugs make a break for it at the end of this page, we wanted something cartoonish, but not as silly as a Wile E. Coyote-shaped cloud. Thus, we've got the comparatively somber silhouette panel.


We're continuing to find our footing and carve out a 'look' for RS; though we will never let it limit what we feel we're able to do with the comic, this experiment turned out much like blank gutters did: "maybe not?" Or perhaps this technique only requires some refinement to be used again. We'll let you judge for yourselves, but expect many similar format experiments to keep cropping up as we go.


Thanks for supporting us, and be sure to drop by the RS Patreon Stream, tomorrow at 4pm EST, where we'll be doing some colouring of RS016. The future is... soon!