RTS Short Stories: Moving On

A lot has happened to me this week. My grandmother passed away this past Sunday and it really, really hit me hard emotionally. It also essentially tanked my creativity. Thankfully I've been able slowly but surely get better which has also helped me get a bit of me inspiration back, hence the following story.

While I opted to not write something centered around that theme, I decided to tackle a subject I have always been meaning to. The connection between Roll To Save and Leftover Soup. The inspiration came from a commissioned piece Tailsteak made for me which is pictured above. The two universes have always been connected in some way but we never really explained how. This short story is an effort to finally remedy that.

The connection wasn't always planned, especially when I first started working with Tailsteak. Beforehand we had a big discussion as to the direction of the comic and the art style it would adopt. Since I've always been a huge fan of Leftover Soup, I requested that he keep that style for this new joint project. That of course led to cameos from various characters from LS. They were originally intended to be tongue and cheek cameos, something that readers of that comic could appreciate. But eventually my inner fanboy caved and I worked out with Tailsteak that both comics would exist in the same world.

I've always been incredibly fond of Ellen, Jamie and Max. I would go as far as to say that they were the main reasons I started to even write LS fanfics to begin with. Since they played such an important part of me meeting Tailsteak and sparking a fire of creativity that still burns to this very day, I figured it was only right that they be the reason the two worlds of Roll To Save and Leftover Soup are linked. I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!