Rubber Ducky (Short Film)

Rrrrrrrrubber Ducky you're the one! Something something ... other lyrics ... 

What is Rubber Ducky? Who is Rubber Ducky? 

Rubbery Ducky is Sean's first dive back into directing after the long process of making his feature, Meme. It served two purposes: first to dust off the cobwebs and get back into making something new after spending years focused mostly on one project, and second to stave off the post project depression that was inevitably on the way when post-production for Meme was wrapped. 

We shot Rubber Ducky in mid-2017 while Meme was in the final stages of post-production getting sound mixed and color corrected. Tara Cioletti from Sean's past films Abel and Cain, Time Signature, and Meme was joined by Rory Lipede, also in Meme, in front of the camera. Behind the camera we had Levi Wilson and Myles Austin who Sean worked with on the delightful web series Maybe Sunshine as well as frequent crew member Erin Clayton and new to our network Babette Siobhan. Nicole served as producer and took quite a few fun behind the scenes photos and video, which we'll share more of exclusively with Patrons later. 

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So, who do you think Rubber Ducky is? 

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