Rubber Ducky on Steam

Hey guys!  Let me tell you the story of how Rubber Ducky came to Steam.  I started a Rubber Ducky Greenlight campaign back in early 2014 in a quest to get my first game on the largest online gaming retailer, Steam.  I wasn't very knowledgeable on marketing at the time, and ended up making a couple innocuous mistakes that slowed the campaign down quite a bit.  Everything was going slow, so I figured that the campaign was done and I set it down to focus on other things.  Over a year later, I revitalized the Rubber Ducky effort with a new Greenlight campaign armed with a much broader knowledge of how to properly market a game - I hired an artist to make custom graphics that were outside of my abilities by far, wrote a description that blew the original one out of the water, and had a great trailer to boot.  Within a month, I closed down the second Rubber Ducky campaign because, after 452 days, my original submission to Steam had been Greenlit.  Sometimes a little patience is all that's needed.  :)

Anyway, though, make sure to check out Rubber Ducky on Steam with that link right above this.