#RubberOnionPodcast 136 "TMNT: Out of the Shadows" Review!!
MOVIE REVIEW! Back in 2014 we did a full review and side-by-side comparison of TMNT (2014) with TMNT (1990)… now we’re taking on the modern sequel “TMNT: Out of the Shadows” (2016). We discuss the sequel in the original TMNT trilogy, “Secret of the Ooze” and compare it with this modern sequel. Does it hold up? What does Stephen think about how the Turtles were treated? What happened to April O’Neil? Did Bebop & Rocksteady fit the tone? Was Krang really necessary? Listen to find out what we think!


Topics & Timestamps:

(4:06) Reminiscing about Secret of the Ooze

(16:24) Why “spoilers” don’t matter for this movie at all

(18:31) Recap of complaints from TMNT 2014

(23:53) Starting our review of TMNT2 2016 with… April O’Neil & the “human” problem

(32:33) The Opening Sequence: “rooftop tag”

(40:45) Character Introduction Rate

(41:21) Shredder & Karai are completely different actors than in the 2014 movie

(43:04) Casey Jones

(44:38) PG-13… necessary?

(46:04) Krang

(48:14) Splinter

(50:54) So… did you like it?!

(58:23) Stephen’s best and worst moments

(1:05:21) That plane sequence

(1:08:58) Bebop & Rocksteady

(1:20:20) Krang (again)

(1:21:48) Turtles & Casey Jones moments

(1:26:51) Designs & overall tone

(1:42:58) Final Thoughts: is the premise just too dumb?