#RubberOnionPodcast 137 "Two Cheeseburgers & a Slice of Cake"
SEGMENT SHOW! This week we interview Indie Filmmaker Cinzia Angelini about her film “Mila,” we get a question about our animation influences, and talk all about your awesome submissions to May’s #RubberOnionBattle!

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>> http://www.rubberonion.com/podcast/animation-influences-cinzia-angelinis-mila-film-and-rubberonionbattle-may-2016-rubberonion-animation-podcast-137-two-cheeseburgers-and-a-slice-of-cake/ <<

Topics & Timestamps:

(4:09) How You Doin’?

(15:07) Battle Talk: May 2016

(1:06:12) Creator Spotlight: Cinzia Angelini

(1:30:10) Audience Question: “Who are you’re biggest animation inspirations and why? And would you ever stop freelance and go work at a studio?” ~Tobias Krebs

(1:44:17) Rapid Fire!!!!!!!

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