#RubberOnionPodcast 140 "Joel Furtado Interview"
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This week we talk with animator Joel Furtado who most recently created the “X-Men: Danger Room Protocols” animated series which was unceremoniously pulled from YouTube, Vimeo and other destinations due to Marvel copyright claims. We discussed that situation back in episode 109 and now we get to discuss it all with the man himself. He was very open about it and it led into very interesting discussion about fanart vs parody (which we touched on before), the technical aspects of creating CGI Pixel Animation, working in the video game industry and the state of western Canadian animation work.

Topics & Timestamps:

(3:08) Talking “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse”

(8:12) Joel’s background

(9:52) “X-Men: Danger Room Protocols” situation recap

(14:11) The problematic “Star Trek: Axanar” comparison

(22:42) Animation Techniques behind Danger Room Protocols

(30:25) What can be learned from this?

(39:59) About Fan Art

(45:39) Parody and its extra protection

(50:46) Original Work and an Audience Question from Lamont Wayne

(54:57) Virtual Reality

(56:55) Western Canadian animation scene

(1:05:53) Game Animation