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Ruined Halls of Deepwood (map #11)
Another map is complete and ready to be printed! For some reason I really enjoy drawing maps that combine a cavern with a dungeon. I also have several new "themes" coming up for future maps. Themes like Sewers, Mines, Catacombs, and more.

In other news, my next Stock Art Pack will most likely be published within the next two weeks. It will be another set of classic monster drawings. I'm also really excited about a product that I hope to have published even sooner:  Axebane's Deck of Many Dungeons! You can find a preview of it on my twitter feed (@axebane). It will be an actual physical product that you will be able to order online! The concept is basically a deck of 54 cards that you can use to generate over 1 MILLION different dungeons, complete with traps, monsters, treasure, magic pools, secret doors, etc.!!

As always, I really appreciate your support and encouragement, and I look forward to serving up fresh new maps for you all during the coming weeks and months.  <3