The Ruined Keep of Horacio's Plight
The Ruined Keep of Horacio's Plight sits high on a barren and wasted hilltop. Destroyed long ago in a ferocious battle today little more than a few walls remain and a wide variety of creatures have called it home: bandits, goblins, orcs, a troll, even an owlbear have been known to haunt the walls throughout its long history. A story lies behind the name of this ruin and dealt with the cause of the great battle. Horacio, you see, was madly in love with the wife of his rival, Lord Borgateli. As can be imagined this caused many problems leading to Horacio stealing inside Lord Borgateli's castle and stealing Esmelda away to his own keep. The trail was not difficult to follow. A short siege left the keep ruined. Inside the smoldering ruins Borgateli's men found no remains, no treasure and no evidence of Horacio or his beloved Esmelda. Rumors of secret tunnels and passageways were never proven and to this day no one know what happened to Horacio and Esmelda, or the sizable treasure that was known to exist within its walls.
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