Yes, that is how I feel.  On the positive side, today is one of my wife's one-day-off days, and indeed I have caught up some of my sleep, at least.  On the down side, I'm trying to do her laundry, make a decent dinner, and get other work done, but I am making progress.

I don't know whether I mentioned here that we completed the study of I John in the Chaplain's Bible Study, and on Sunday will be beginning II John.  All are invited, of course; II John is the shortest book in the Bible counting by verses, so this course will flash past in under three weeks.

Today's post, For Better or Verse; Chapter 19, Slade 49, contains a lot of dialogue, but it's interesting dialogue which explains some peculiarities of a magical setting and advances the plot significantly.  Also, being Bob Slade's material, it has some funny highlights.  Enjoy.

The next chapter comes Monday; I have made progress on the unpublished web log posts, but have been so bedraggled of late that I'm not even certain of their subjects right now and am going to have to hope for a few minutes to look at them this evening.