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This is my dad's favorite song. When he comes to my shows he sits kind of on the side and then as I'm walking up to the stage he says "hey Kev, could you play that one song that I like about running naked. I bet you I've listened to that song hundreds of times, more than anyone else." It always cracks me up.  

And then while I'm playing it of course now I always think of him.

The song was originally written when I got home (Jamestown, NY) from South Carolina back in about 2012. I was very much in touring mode with my old band Big Leg Emma and my solo shows combined. And the song kind of flowed out of the free-spiritedness of that road life. It also reminds me of my favorite music festival here in western NY, called The Great Blue Heron Music Festival (which many of my songs have stemmed from). I don't know, something about running naked through the blue heron woods has a certain thrill to me in my mind. Of course this is all metaphorical :)

Hope you dig it.


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