RunSheet 13(bis) - Successful Test
The latest AP of DayTrippers, which I ran on March 12th for the Legends of Tabletop  crew, was also a test of RunSheet 13.  I modified it just a little bit,  so maybe I should consider it RunSheet 14. Whatever the number, I'm  here to tell you: It Works.  Narrative Arc and Story Beats were  nicely paced without railroading, Psychic Content was integrated and  consistent with cinematic expectations, and the whole thing came in at exactly the allotted time.

You can find it here:

All in all, I consider the experiment a resounding success.  Edition 2 of DayTrippers will be using this method as a replacement for the original RunSheet. I'll be posting later today with some specific details for Patrons about how exactly it works.