Russian Words for Wine Accessories and Tableware

My dear patrons, 

Here are 10 words that you may need to celebrate New Year properly with your loved ones, particularly, if your loved ones speak Russian. 

- бокал is a glass for red or white wine.

- фужер is a bit more specific: it is a tall wine glass. Like flutes for champagne. 

Wine is usually kept in bottles - бутылка

But you may want to serve it in графин, decanter, or even a кувшин, jug. 

And, of course, before wine gets into bottles, it is made and stored in бочка, barrel. 

What about strong liqueur? 

Водка should be served in стопка, a shot glass. 

Another name for a shot glass is рюмка. Usually, рюмка is a bit more elegant: 

Unless you want to drink a lot of it. If you are determined to get drunk, use стакан for drinking it. 

And beer? In my opinion, tankard, кружка, is the best! 

I hope, this little vocabulary set has put you in a festive mood! 


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