The Ruthless Israeli Line: How to Hold Your Own

It happens all the time. Someone cut you in the line at a Tel Avivi market, just stepped right in front. What do you say to put them back in their place? That is, back behind you in the queue. Let's learn what Israelis say in this situation, paying special attention to delicate intonations that make all the difference.

Words and expressions discussed:

Ze rak she'ela – It's just a question – זה רק שאלה

Slicha – Sorry / Excuse me – סליחה

Ani hayiti kodem - I was (here) before – אני הייתי קודם

Chutspa – Nerve – חוצפה

Halo-halo! – Hey! – הלו-הלו

Halo, ma niya? – What's going on? – ?הלו, מה נהיה

Lo lo lo / Lo lo lo lo lo – No, no, no – לא לא לא / לא לא לא לא לא

Achshav ani – Now it's my turn – עכשיו אני

Achi / Haver / Gever / Adoni – Dude / mate / man / Sir – אחי / חבר / גבר / אדוני

Hayita po? – Were you here? – ?היית פה

Gvirti slicha, ani kodem – Ma'am excuse me, I am first – גבירתי סליחה, אני קודם

Episode 144 on 'nihya'

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