RWA Open 2016 / Flow 8VO
I’ve been working on a piece for the Royal West of England Academy recently. I wanted to submit my Flow / 8VO work for their annual open. It’s a study designed to be shown on screen, made in Ultra HD 4k resolution, with a running time of 24 minutes. I hope it has some of the colour, light and excitement that you get with a contemporary stained glass window.

A digital drawing with time, motion and back illumination added into the mix.

The jury’s currently out as to whether the work will be included in the final hang, but the RWA did stipulate that the work could be no longer than 3 minutes in duration, and must be reformatted to work at 1920 HD res on a 42’ screen. So I set about editing the work to fit their requirements, and as a result have ended up with a kind of shortened edit at lower resolution for a smaller screen. A kind of digital maquette of the larger work.

It didn’t take a huge amount of extra thinking to realise that this maquette would make a good addition to my Patreon project, and as such I’m planning on sending out a copy on a USB stick, sometime in the next week or two, whilst also continuing to work on my ‘Helios’ print of course…

I hope the screen art is of some interest, it can be displayed on a TV, computer, laptop or tablet, perhaps for occasional playback when your screen would otherwise be blank.

I know that at least one of the club members will be really pleased, as she’s already asked for a copy, so that seems reason enough to make the maquette available.

Images and the edition to follow shortly by post…

Many thanks for your ongoing support!

Best - Chuck

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