S.B.11 - Bill Explanation / Cocks Not Glocks Protest Analysis
Hey everyone... Well, one :p

I just finished my script for the S.B. 11 analysis. For anyone who's unfamiliar with S.B. 11, it's the Texas Senate's bill that, when passed, created the whole "Campus Carry" dust-up from protesters and anti-gun folks in general.

Fair warning, this script is 36 pages worth of text, over 10,000 words, and will ultimately be over 80min in length. This video goes through the bill -explaining it in common language- and takes a look at the opposition of the bill, and analyzes both the merits of the bill, and the claims made by protesters about different points of contention re: the changes to concealed carry laws in Texas.

If you're interested in a truly informative, educational video with some funny, dildo-waving protesters and personal story from yours truly about living through a "gunman-on-campus" incident, then get ready to check out this video.

Audio recording and editing will be done when I get my microphone and editing software this coming Tuesday.

Thanks for your support!

JT Viper