S&W Race Focus, pt 3 Half-Spirits
Well, here we go, here's the last of the Race Focus bits, much less than most systems, but then it also covers a lot more ground than most of those races. As well, it's worth noting that these are just the base races for the system.

But as for Half-Spirits, there's not too much to add as they're pretty intuitive, they're crossbred between Humans and Spirits and as such are pretty much balanced between the two. This is true in both fluff and game rules, game wise they are the balanced middle choice, they have all the class options and all the ability options available to them at the outset.

Also, the next bits are going to be the Class Focuses, starting with the Soldier Class and subclasses. These focuses are going to be similar to the race ones, and will cover what the class implies, who would take it, and what roles they'd be likely to fill.

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