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S1E7: Caribbean High, Hiking up El Pico "The Peak" in Providencia, Colombia, Sailing Round the World
This is our 7th round the world vlog. This is the first vlog we have charged to patrons of Slow Boat Sailing. Will will charge patrons for this and all subsequent round the world vlogs S1E8, S1E9, et cetra, when they come out. The vlogs take a ton of time to produce. For example, the 7th vlog had over 140 clips on 8 minutes. That is less than 4 seconds per clip. 2 second clips are closer to the median. That makes for a more interesting video, but it takes a lot more shots and work to edit.

 We plan to have 13 episodes in season 1 covering our travels in the summer of 2016. YouTube videos not in the round the world series on Slow Boat Sailing are not charged to patrons. If you don't want to support the vlog (just the podcast) go to monthly memberships to just support the podcast. I plan to put out monthly podcasts and monthly vlogs, producing about one podcast and round the world vlog per month.

We have one more episode S1E8 in Providencia's surrounding islands of Crab Cay and Santa Catalina before we sail to the Panama Canal zone.