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[S3/E11] Modern Times and Modem Tones

Season 3, Episode 11 – This week, Jason brought us so many beers from Modern Times…and it’s awesome.

Before we get into the beers, it should be known that Greg’s cask ale festival called “Firkfest” is going down on March 19, 2016 in Anaheim, California. We’ve been promoting this event for good reason—it’s a unique festival to Southern California, featuring 30 breweries and 50 cask beers, ranging from the more traditional cask conditioned beers to firkins with chocolate, peppers, or whatever else brewers want to add to their standard release and one-off beers. Get your tickets at

We’re drinking a lot of Modern Times beers on the show this week, 12 beers to be exact, which makes this show one of the longest 4B episodes yet. Jason is the resident Four Brewers Modem Tones super-fan, and he did not fail to deliver some Modem Whalez.

Having 12 beers on one show makes it difficult to properly summarize the episode. Some of them are funky, some are hoppy, some are barrel-aged, and some are sour. Jason is a member of Modern Times’ “League of Partygoers and Elegant People” so naturally, he brought some good stuff.

Modern Times is an all around great brewery. They have a great attitude toward beer, experimentation, and quality, and it shows in their beer. While they’ve had a few missteps here and there, their commitment to quality craft beer and their fans is unquestionably passionate.