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[S3/E46] Worthy Brewing 

Season 3, Episode 45 – This week, 4B fan Ken Sorenson, sent us some brews from Bend, Oregon’s Worthy Brewing. Are they worthy? Are WE worthy?!

The Pacific Northwest is considered by many to be beer Mecca. We would agree if we didn’t live in beer Mecca, here in SoCal (we kid)! Anywho…

The beers on the show this week are from a brewery that’s new to the 4B crew, Worthy Brewing. These beers, along with a gift package that included four Worthy branded shirts, four Worthy branded sunglasses, and an almost empty bottle of Aspirin (not Worthy branded), were sent to us by Ken Sorenson. Ken used to work at the world famous Toronado craft beer bar out of Seattle, Washington, working as manager under none other than the mighty Matt Bonney. Ken is now the Washington Sales Manager for Worthy Brewing.

Thanks for the beers, Ken! Worthy is making some solid brew and totally worth a visit if you’re in Bend, Oregon and a solid buy if you see them on the shelf of your local liquee store.