[S4/E18] Buddha Was a Funky Dude
Season 4, Episode 18 – This week, Funky Buddha Brewery beers from long time 4B listener Phil Lorenzini.

We’re getting funky this week. Everyone is back in the studio and we’re blowing this shit up. We’re drinking beer from Funky Buddha Brewery via 4B listener Phil Lorenizini, and holy shit, is it epic.

Okay, maybe we’re blowing this show out of proportion, but it’s really nice to have all of the four brewers back in the studio.

Funky Buddha is well known for their literal takes on craft beers that are brewed to taste like something very specific that one would not normally expect to find in a beer. This week, we’re drinking five of their beers and they’re quite fantastic, to say the least.

Big, BIG thanks to Phil for hooking this up. You’re the man now, dawg!


Beers from this week’s episode:
Funky Buddha Brewery – Fire In The Hole
Funky Buddha Brewery – Strawberry Shortcake
Funky Buddha Brewery – French Toast Double Brown Ale
Funky Buddha Brewery – Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Funky Buddha Brewery – Last Buffalo in the Park

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