Sabbat Scents is becoming Sabbat Swag!
Hey friends!

When I started the group I knew some of the programs and prices could change over time, and that time has come. 

The Sabbat Scents program is cool, but kind of repetitive and limiting. It's also the least popular of all of the programs. So I'm changing it!
Instead of the focus being solely on loose incense, I'll be sending out little sabbat swag bags that have a bunch of tools to assist you in your sabbat celebrations and keep with the general theme that the group is working with that month.

In september, instead of just receiving a mabon incense, you'll get a sage bundle, a selenite crystal (which is the featured crystal of the SH & MR program), a package of "harvest moon" stick incense (it smells like apple cider!), a set of two spell candles that are dressed in oils and herbs for the season, and some natural decor for your altar like pine cones, leaves, and other symbols of the season. 

Since this is considerably more stuff, the price of the program will be going up by 5 dollars to $30 a month starting September 1st. 

I hope you like this version of the program even better and that we have much more fulfilling sabbat rituals in the group!