Sacred Arts: Definitions & Principles (introduction)
This class is the introduction to the foundational course of the Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy.   This class is open to the public, all other classes in this series will require Academy Membership.

Each class will have an audio lecture, exercise, and accompanying class notes.   You are encouraged to share your thoughts, questions, and epiphanies in the comments section of the class page.


Lecture Notes:

What are the “sacred arts”? 

I could mean artwork intended to be used in a sacred or liturgical way.  Or maybe I mean actions of spiritual devotion intended to have a transformative effect? Or maybe it’s working and creating from a place of sacred intention?  

The answer is yes. 

To me the Sacred Arts are an interdisciplinary practice of creating catalysts for spiritual or material change.  These catalysts range from resonances that act as reminders to clearing a pathway to whole new way of life or love.   

But let’s break this down piece by piece.  In each installment of Sacred Arts: Definitions & Principles, we’ll dive into these concepts one-by-one. I’ll share with you definitions and frameworks, and invite you to explore your own thoughts about each concept and discover your personal definitions for them.   

The 9 concepts we’ll be exploring are: 

  1. Sacred 
  2. Arts 
  3. Interdisciplinary 
  4. Practice
  5. Creating
  6. Catalyst (catalyze)
  7. Spiritual
  8. Material
  9. Change

I’m sure I should have come up with some snazzy acronym for this, but these are the words that felt right.  And don’t worry — I have all kinds of fun alterations and other I’m sure I can whip up an acronym or two along the way. 

A question that comes up for me looking at this list is — why nine?  It could simply have been that’s what I came up with.  But we’re working with the Sacred Arts, so it’s never just that.  Nine is all the tools you need to complete your journey.  It’s the power and potential to complete a cycle.  The “10” in this list that is unspoken, is you.  These nine offerings lead you to your understanding of the basic definitions and principles of the Sacred Arts for YOU.   The tenth in the list, will be your own definitions of these concepts as the foundation of your personal practice of the Sacred Arts. 

Ready to move on to class 2? 

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