Sacred Circle of Life & Ripple Effects
Yes, "i belong" and so do YOU... to the Sacred Circle of Life. May we find Joy in our Lives that also has healthy Ripple Effects. ♡

This was my favorite image and idea when setting up 'reward' offerings for the various patron monthly memberships. Of course, you're invited to join me in a Sacred Circle. I've tried to get creative and think of worthwhile offerings. Members will receive fireside Story Time videos & Blessings, enriching Rituals, Musings, Soul Food and Spirit Medicine. In celebration of our Collective Voices, this will also include collaborative offerings with other creatives (poets, painters, healers, etc.) so your contribution will have ripple effects as I share it with the collaborators. As part of the Sacred Circle, you also get access to the other 'Patron Only' offerings for smaller contributions including the Tea Time posts, the digital Inspiration/Oracle Card Readings, and the Nature Messages (described in respective contribution/reward options). I'm thinking of this as a celebration of Sacred Reciprocity. I want it to be a healthy exchange in which you can buy me tea or dinner and I'll bring all of the above. Welcome & Thank YOU!!! ♡   

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