Sacred Symbols, Episode 72: Timefall

Death Stranding is finally here, and we use the word "finally" lightly. Conceived and developed at light speed compared to many of its AAA contemporaries, Hideo Kojima's new game came to fruition relatively quickly, and with lots of expectations in tow. What it delivers is one of the most unusual experiences we've ever played. And we mean that in the best way possible. So join us as we gush about Death Stranding for a while, and stay with us as we work through the PlayStation news of the week, from a corporate reshuffle at Sony HQ to an all-new first party studio working on PS5 games from Southeast Asia. Then, listener questions round-out the episode, per usual, with a requiem for PlayStation Vue, a lesson on how the Trophy system works, the possibility of Ghost of Tsushima preempting The Last of Us: Part II, and an unfortunate (albeit necessary) revisiting of last week's show, in which a listener pooped his pants on a date. (Turns out there's more to say about that, for some reason.)


0:00:17 - Intro
0:01:40 - Colin is moving to Virginia!
0:05:26 - Sacred Symbols+ chatter.
0:07:17 - A few corrections from last week’s episode.
0:18:09 - A listener was bullied by children while playing Rocket League.
0:21:24 - What have we been playing?
0:50:20 - Are we excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?
0:53:36 - Sony shakes-up the PlayStation executive team.
1:04:35 - Sony opens a kinda-sorta first party studio in Malaysia.
1:08:44 - These are PSN's most popular games from October.
1:10:31 - Remember Deep Down? Capcom does!
1:14:00 - Capcom has released new sales data.
1:15:27 - Sony may have (but probably didn't) patent a cartridge for a new handheld.
1:16:16 - Driveclub servers will be shut down next March.
1:18:45 - Minor game announcements and release date information.
1:20:00 - This week's new releases for PS4, PS Vita, and PSVR.
1:36:30 - The complications of voting with one's wallet.
1:42:02 - What are the chances Sony could buy the exclusive rights to Star Wars games after EA?
1:14:30 - Should first party games be added to PlayStation Now at launch?
1:49:13 - Could TLoU2's delay push Ghost of Tsushima up?
1:51:03 - Why has PlayStation always resisted giving its brand a true, cross-gen mascot?
1:54:22 - When it comes to level and points, how does the Trophy system actually work?
1:56:25 - Did Sony drop the ball with PlayStation Vue?

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