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Sacred Symbols, Episode 179: Spartacus and Shock

This is a big episode of Sacred Symbols, so big that we've done the unprecedented: We've gone back and edited a half-day old podcast to incorporate some smashing news: Sony is indeed planning a rival to Xbox's Game Pass. It's codenamed Spartacus, and details are scarce, but we've obviously got to discuss what we know so far. Likewise, we have brand-new information about the upcoming BioShock game to chat about, including the 'anatomy' of how such a story is chased in the first place, and why rumors and speculation sometimes falls incomplete. Anyway, you'll want to bring your jacket. Plus: Battlefield has a new future, Godfall on PlayStation Plus is an insult, Dying Light 2 is gold, and more. Then: Are award shows (and awarded products) becoming too homogenized? What game mechanics truly shined in 2021? Will auteurs come to rule the industry landscape? Will Dustin ever appreciate the complexity and versatility of applesauce?


0:00:00 - Intro

0:07:00 - Applesauce IS actually for babies and old people.

0:11:52 - The Dangling of the Dildos.

0:14:18 - What was our favorite game we received as a gift?

0:24:49 - Eggnog. Discuss.

0:29:06 - What video game music should be at my wedding?

0:33:23 - PS4 and PS5 have new firmware available.

0:33:39 - Six US states are probing Activision Blizzard.

0:34:33 - A RE4 remake voice actor has Tweeted out confirmation of the title.

0:38:41 - The physical version of the GTA Trilogy Remaster has been delayed.

0:39:04 - Final Fantasy XIV is expecting server issues.

0:39:53 - New info has emerged about the Chrono Cross Remaster.

0:40:06 - Bandai Namco has plans for the Tales series.

0:41:04 - Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has been rated by the ESRB.

0:41:17 - Steam has broken their own concurrent user record again.

0:44:02 - What is The Matrix Awakens?

0:44:40 - Let’s chat about the new BioShock…

0:59:32 - What have we been playing?

1:23:02 - Details on Sony's Game Pass competitor has reportedly leaked.

1:43:16 - The Battlefield franchise is receiving a massive overhaul.

1:59:34 - Godfall: Challenger Edition is not the same as Godfall.

2:14:24 - Dying Light 2 has gone gold.

2:19:05 - A new Sony patent may point to new controller grips for smartphones.

2:23:44 - The hacker group reviving PS3 online functionality is getting some help.

2:37:12 - Many PlayStation Vita exclusives are about to lose their online functionality.

2:39:22 - Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 both have release windows for their next-gen iterations.

2:47:19 - David Gaider is trepidatious about a Mass Effect television or movie adaptation.

2:57:03 - Mercury Steam, developer of Metroid Dread, has signed a new publishing deal.

3:00:57 - Farming Simulator has a gigantic audience.

3:04:22 - News Wrap-Up

3:06:42 - Why are unique opinions often trashed?

3:15:20 - What gameplay mechanic from 2021 stood out to us?

3:22:20 - Have we uncovered any hidden indie gems this year?

3:28:39 - Do we have our old consoles?

3:36:25 - Will there be a few great games everyone knows about, like there are with movie classics?

3:48:45 - Am I revisionist scum?

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