Sacred Vessel Summary/Content Notes
Sacred Vessel follows the story of Akiya, a shrewd, cunning sacred prostitute in a fantasy Iron Age empire on the brink of collapse. With new threats lurking around every corner, Akiya must rely on his wits, beauty, and allure to not only survive but flourish in his dangerous world. 

Where will his journey take him? You decide!

Content Notes/Warnings

-Sacred Vessel takes place in a fantasy setting heavily inspired by the real-world Neo-Assyrian Empire, but I’ve used a great deal of artistic license. It’s not in any way intended to be an accurate historical representation of that culture or any other.

-Obviously, prostitution is a major theme of the story. However, unlike The Blue Orchid, Akiya became a sacred prostitute of his own free will. He has a great deal of agency and his profession is not a source of angst to him.

-The setting does include slavery of the kind found in Iron Age Mesopotamia. Akiya himself is not a slave (as mentioned above), and slavery is not in any way eroticized or romanticized by the narrative.

-As for kinks and themes, you’ll find all my usual favorites, but with much less dubious consent than in my other Patreon exclusives. If you’ve been reading and enjoying the Assistant ‘Verse and The Blue Orchid, nothing in Sacred Vessel should present a problem for you. Sacred Vessel will still feature plenty of kink, but its general tone is much lighter due to Akiya’s agency.

As always, I welcome all questions and comments, either here or on Tumblr

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