The soul is the part of us that is one with the same eternal uncontaminated substance of God. Why wouldn’t this be the true meaning of Jesus’ being born of a virgin? How is it that some people can believe in the literal interpretation of the story of Jesus yet cannot believe in the reality of the soul? They tried to kill Jesus because they thought he was making himself equal to God. We have been doing exactly the same thing to ourselves. Judging ourselves as bad because of our sinfulness has caused unthinkable suffering. Buying into the literal interpretation of the story of Jesus gives us more of the same. By diminishing our connection to the divine part of us we are downplaying our infinite holy sacredness. Here is the real burial of the true Jesus. Many pay little attention to this because of the need to uphold the traditional interpretation of the story of Jesus. It’s convenient. Perhaps the burial of the soul is partly caused by an unconscious fear of true life. The personality resists because this true life means its death. A feeling of paralysis may come up as one contemplates what to do. Resorting to non-action may be best. Staying present and aware of what is occurring on the interior helps one to remain grounded in their being. This being is the source of wisdom. We need to allow it to guide us and show us the sacredness that is within. Often the sacredness within is obscured. We have absorbed the demanding attitudes of the authority figures around us at the expense of inner peace. Poor self-esteem develops because we feel there is something more important than staying connected to our natural state of inner peace. That inner peace becomes disturbed as we slowly betray the true self in exchange for the false self. Resentment bubbles, our attitudes suffer and we discharge the anger. Many flavors of compulsive patterns arise. This may be all we have known since childhood. Without alternatives, we feel powerless. We resign to carry on pretending we are not hurt by turning our backs on the pure innocent sacredness that once dwelled inside. We don’t know any better. These are murky waters. How easy is it to be pushed to the point of hopelessness when the purity we once had feels long gone? Why wouldn’t this make one want to jump off of a bridge or resort to violence? Disconnection from our sacredness is a serious problem for all of humanity. We must see how we began to turn our backs on the true self around childhood and understand the costs. The defenses of the personality keep us away from the pain but we remain stuck in the past and miss the opportunity to find God right now in the present moment. We lose connection with the soul to which we were once close. There remains little regard for its sacredness. Our soul becomes less of a priority. An unmarked tombstone stands in its place which reads: Here lies the rejection and burial of the true Jesus Christ.
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