Sacrificial Mods Alternative Downloads *Jan 21st 2021*

 Life Tragedies V 1.2.3:

Fixed Kidnapping not working correctly if you didn't have the Zombie Apocalypse -Mod- Installed. 

Thanks to mandy for reporting the issue and helping me figure out the issue ♥  & OnyxAngel and everyone else who helped to track down the problem.

Mods are now compatible with the latest patch:

UPDATE 1/21/2021

PC: / Mac:

The only mods that were affected by the patch are:

  • Life Tragedies -MOD-
  • Armageddon -MOD-
  • Road To Fame -MOD- 
  • Zombie Apocalypse -MOD- 
  • The Haunted Mirror - MOD-
  • The Possessed Child - MOD-

    The other mods still work fine with version:   

PC: / Mac:
and don't need to be updated

HUGE Thanks to OnyxAngel, Chehirjay, CosmosOwl, Viral Kat, Senpai & Anyone else who helped me figure out the problems and reported them to me, and for helping players out with their reports on my discord server ♥

I've received complaints from multiple players that the downloads on my website aren't working correctly, so I'm uploading them here as an alternative way to have them downloaded.

This post should be updated regularly every time I release an update for a mod.

Thanks for the reports & for the support ♥
Stay safe.

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