SAECPBB Chapter 6

Tian Feng Empire, Capital, Jin Nan Wang's Residence

Baili Liumo was unable to find Leng Ye Tong, and decided to stop as there would always be future opportunities to meet, heading back to his residence When he finally returned, the crown prince and Leng Ye Ran had been waiting for a while. "Xiaomo, this is not right of you. Asking your crown prince brother here to come, but made me wait for so long." The crown prince pursed his lips, saying this in a spoiled manner once he saw Baili Liumo walking into the study.

"Shut up, I called you here to talk about serious matters." Baili Liumo angrily glared at the crown prince.

"Alright. Serious matters it is. Why do you have to be so fierce, making this crown prince brother of yours upset." The crown prince immediately acted hurt, eyes filling with water, pursing his lips even more and acting as if he was extremely wronged.

"Baili Liusu, do you believe that I will be able to let you not speak a word for the rest of your life, huh?!" Baili Liumo's veins bulged from his forehead, squinting his eyes and grit his teeth - this was an open threat.

"Why so serious, I was just making a joke." The crown prince immediately withdrew his expression, turning serious. "Alright, so say it, why did you call us here?"

"There has been some movement from that side." Baili Liumo glanced at the crown prince, sitting on his chair while turning the ring on his finger.

"This is expected. If they did not have any movement, I will find that strange." The crown prince lightly smiled, acting leisurely but the knitting of his brows showed how much importance he placed in this matter.

"The court has for many years maintained neutrality, and the one with the greatest influence, the Prime Minister now leaning towards Jin Nan Wang, if we continue to stand where we are, we may lose the upper hand, even to the point where we will never be able to make a come back." Even the always casual Leng Ye Ran toned down his usual loudness, his face having a cold smile, eyes revealing deep disdain.

"The prime minister will only do things that are good for the court, this point I firmly believe." The crown prince started to lightly play with his prayer beads, with a slight frown and expressing his worry, "in a month, Jin Nan Wang will be marrying the young lady of the Prime Minister's house. I'm just worried if they will make any movement during this period of time, and sabotage this wedding."

"That is true. With news that my younger sister left our house being spread around, I fear that they have already started to take actions." Leng Ye Ran's brows furiously knitted, slowly creating a fist with his left hand. If they dared to harm his beloved younger sister, he will definitely make them pay in a way that is more painful than death.

"Bring your younger sister back to the Prime Minister's residence. In a month, I wish to see a lively and active person, not someone that is hurt or worse, a corpse." Baili Liumo stated coldly, but the crown prince and Leng Ye Ran knew that this was his way of caring. Whether or not it is to protect the future Wang Fei, or to not fulfill the wishes of those few people, it is determined that Leng Ye Tong can never escape from being at his side.

"I understand," nodding his head firmly, although Leng Ye Ran knew his younger sister was stronger than an average man, but she was still someone that just became an adult. With little worldly experiences, there may be times that she would be at a disadvantage. With the opponent this time being that group of people, it is best to have all preventive measures in place.

"This time, we will move silently, staying constant to manage ten thousand changes. I just want to see, what kind of things can they come up with this time." Baili Liumo coldly harrumphed, his blue eyes flashing with a murderous look, hands fisted. The crown prince and Leng Ye Ran nodded wordlessly, agreeing with Baili Liumo's actions, silence falling between the three.


Tian Feng Empire, Capital, Xin Lou

Gone was the happiness and playing a trick with Jin Nan Wang and the crown prince after bumping into Baili Liuche who just returned from a hunt, Leng Ye Tong rode her horse back to Xin Lou, and after handing over her beloved horse to the guards at the gate, she called for a meeting with the three leaders of Xin Lou at her study.

The study was furnished simply, asides from a study table and a large chair, the only other furnishing was the red sandalwood bed. With no shelves and the entire study only having three items, it appeared a little empty. On the study table lay the four treasures of a study (t/n: they are a brush, ink, an inkstone, and paper) as well as an incense burner, with light smoke rising from the burner filling the study room with the light smell of sandalwood.

The girl wore a simple white magnolia dress paired with a light pink overcoat, a piece of black jade hanging from her waist. Without many accessories in her hair, she only had a white jade magnolia hair pin, and a jade butterfly pin holding up parts of her long hair that fell to her waist. A blood jade on her left wrist, she turned the magnolia ring on her right index finger continuously, her mouth arched in a light smile, yet her eyes were cold and her head down as if she was thinking about something.

At this moment, the three leaders of Xin Lou sat as still as statues in front of the girl, just separated by the study table. With not a word spoken and not gazing at the girl, they quietly stood there waiting for the girl to speak.

"Chu Feng," after a long period of silence, Leng Ye Tong raised her heads and looked at her three capable subordinates. As if unintentionally, she said, "with the upcoming Hundred Flowers fest, I heard that there are people having interest in the peony that has the name king of the flowers."

"Reporting to the master, this subordinate here has just received this news, hoping for atonement." Chu Feng's expression did not change, his head lowered and his hands clasped together to express his apologies. Seeing that the girl did not have any intention to reprimand him, he continued, "the Hundred Flowers fest is not something that happens regularly, and since the past, the king of the flowers is only won by abled men. With no abled men appearing in recent years, the peony has been guarded by Xin Lou. Master, I'm not certain if we should continue to guard it this year?"

"Guarding is definitely necessary, but it just seems that this year's Hundred Flowers fest will be more exciting than any of the previous ones." Leng Ye Tong lightly laughed, but her fingers did not stop turning her ring, and a pair of crystal clear eyes flashed. No one could understand or see anything from this pair of eyes as bright as the stars, and no one could guess what she was thinking at the moment.

"Master, some news just arrived. There are people that have started moving." Another of the three leaders Zi Mo raised his eyes and looked up at the roof beams, coldly stating.

"They are really in a rush." Leng Ye Tong lightly laughed, and the smile was truly beautiful, causing people to not be able to turn their gaze away. Yet, this smile hid murderous intentions. Raising her eyes to look at Jin Feng who had not said a word, she laughed, "since they have come to show us their face, we can't ignore their kind intentions. Jin Feng, settle it."

"Yes, master." After replying, Jin Feng walked with slow steps out of the study, with a slight sound that could be heard above the study, Jin Feng soon returned holding a person wearing a masked black ninja outfit. Throwing him on the floor, Jin Feng stared at him with disgust, taking out a handkerchief and wiped his hands that just touched the black ninja, gaze cold, not speaking.

"Well, you truly have guts. It has been a long time since there are people like you, to the point where I started to miss them," Leng Ye Tong lightly smiled, her tone warm, almost as if she was catching up with an old acquaintance.

The black clothed man repressed the pain from his four limbs, raising his eyes to look at the girl speaking. Yet with this glance, he was shocked speechless. His eyes as wide as copper coins, he spoke disbelievingly, "it's you. It's actually you. I never thought that the young lady of the Prime Minister's residence would be the owner of Xin Lou."

"Well, it seems like you recognize me." Hearing the black clothed man, Leng Ye Tong did not feel surprised, her facial expression unchanging, continuing to have that warm smile on her face while glancing at Chu Feng. Getting the hint, Chu Feng removed the mask from the man and staring at the face, Leng Ye Tong first went into deep thought, before regaining back her smile. "I was wondering who it would be, I see it is Boss Ma. Not sure why Boss Ma has come here with this get up at this time?"

"Today's loss can only be blamed by my weaker skills. If you want to kill or torture me, please go ahead, but don't think you can get anything out of my mouth." Boss Ma grit his teeth, as if he was already awaiting his death.

"Oh? I see." Leng Ye Tong nodded her head, showing an innocent and naive smile, but her next words shocked Boss Ma greatly, "I have heard that Boss Ma had a beautiful wife and pretty concubines, with many sons and daughters, even grandchildren on the way. Although you were about to experience happiness in life, it is unfortunate that it will soon become an illusion. Tomorrow your family is planning to go to your mountain villa, but you know how mountainous roads can be, I'm not sure if they can reach it safely. It is a pity, truly a pity."

Leng Ye Tong's words were like a cutting reminder, his eyes shining with fear. He has long heard about the ruthless tactics of Xin Lou's owner and he was prepared for it, but looking at the young lady smiling in front of him, he was overcome with an unspeakable fear. Gulping his saliva unknowingly, his voice quivered, "I... I will tell you whatever you want to know, but please let my family go."

"Oh? This seems vastly different from what Boss Ma said just now, how unexpected." Leng Ye Tong elegantly smiled while stroking her hair at her temples, and said smilingly, "Actually what I want to know is very simple. Who sent Boss Ma here and their intentions. If your answer is satisfactory, perhaps I can help resolve the disaster tomorrow."

"This..." Boss Ma hesitated after hearing, but it was only a short while before his eyes flashed with determination. "It was Chu Wang that sent me, the purpose was to find out the identity of Xin Lou's owner. Hearing that today General Leng Ye Ran made a commotion at Xin Lou, with the general being on the same side as the crown prince, he wanted me to find out if Xin Lou has already started siding with the crown prince's faction."

"I see." Leng Ye Tong made an expression of understanding, and nodded her head, with her lips turning up into a beautiful smile, she said, "as such, you are of no more use." With that, Boss Ma eyes widened, not even realizing how he died. Leng Ye Tong's willingness to show her face as the young lady of the Prime Minister's residence at Xin Lou already showed that she had enough confidence to let all those who knew of this secret to keep their mouths shut, just like Boss Ma.

"Clean this up properly, do not let anyone get a handle over us." Looking in disgust at Boss Ma's corpse, Leng Ye Tong's mouth curled coldly, and after giving instructions to the three people, she sat in her study alone. The capital will not be peaceful for long.