SAECPBB Chapter 7

A light wind passed, causing slight ripples on the water. The leaves on the willow swayed in dance, birds lightly chirping, the scene as beautiful as a painting. In the middle of the lake's pavilion stood an upright figure, dressed in blue with scattered flowers over her pleated skit.

Looking up at the sky, slight worry lining her eyes, her gaze showed that containing too much, too much thoughts, longing, with anxiety, sadness and some unwillingness.

Living in this strange world for 15 years, with the beginning filled with anxiety and helplessness, to now, where she can be comfortable and do what she wants. From a wingless baby slowly growing to who she is today, only she knew all that she has given up and sacrificed.

Her mouth arching into a soul-rendering smile, her gaze revealed her helplessness. In this world where men are favored and women are inferior, if she was not strong enough, how can she control her own destiny. This is no longer the 21st century where the society is based on laws, but rather one that is a feudal monarchy. For a person so used to democracy to be comfortable with this place, no matter who it is, they will never willingly submit. In her previous life she was a special agent, and in this life, she will not accept any weakness. She wants to become stronger, as only by doing so can she take control of her life in this society.

She has a great shifu (t/n: a teacher that is similar to a master), a good foster father. Of these two, one taught her the greatest of martial arts, and the other taught her medical skills that can bring back the dead as well as poison that can take a person's life in a second. Together with her own body conditioning and training coupled with fortifying medicine, her martial arts prowess has reached a stage where she is heads above the rest. Her internal strength is also extremely deep and strong.

The road here was filled with difficulties, she was poisoned by her yiniang (t/n: concubine of her father - can be referred to as a step mother), bullied by her shu sister (t/n: daughter of the concubine. The lead character is the daughter of the main wife). She had always been tolerating, for the day where she can overturn everything. Yet right now when the time is ripe, unexpected she was given an imperial decree. Lightly smiling, she thought that her life is decided by herself and not by the heavens, no matter who dictates it.

"Master, the young eldest master is here." Chu Feng appeared suddenly behind Leng Ye Tong, his head lowered, stating respectfully.

"What is he here for?" Recovering her complex emotions and hiding her rarely seen weakness, she blandly asked.

"Reporting to the master, the young eldest master says he wishes to discuss about who the next owner of the king of the flowers should be." Chu Feng's expression remained stoic, reporting exactly the words from Leng Ye Ran to Leng Ye Tong.

"And here I was wondering what it was. It is unexpected that he would come here this quickly. I suppose he must have come right after having a secret meeting with Jin Nan Wang and the crown prince." Leng Ye Tong smiled, lightly shaking her head. Her phoenix eyes showed a glimpse of helplessness as her brother was always so impatient. "Let's go, Chu Feng, bring me to see him."

"Yes." Chu Feng replied and started to lead the way for Leng Ye Tong. The two of them soon disappeared from the lake's pavilion and in a short while, appeared at the study.

Pushing the doors open, Chu Feng led Leng Ye Tong into the room before closing it and standing guard, just in case his master had any requests or to prevent any unwanted guests from listening in.

The scent of sandalwood swirled around the study, with a few birds at the window and a man playing with those birds in a carefree manner.

"Gege. (t/n: will be used in place of brother) You seem to be in a good mood." Leng Ye Tong walked into the study, looking at this brother of hers that also came from the same mother. Her lips curled in a light smile, she walked to the chair and sat down, lightly tapping at the table, speaking ridiculously, "do not tell me that the Prime Minister's residence has no birds so that you have to come all the way here to play with birds."

"There are many birds at the Prime Minister's residence, just not as nice as the ones you have here." Leng Ye Ran lightly smiled, his gentle movements stroking the birds beside him. Lightly patting it, the bird flew away and Leng Ye Ran took a seat opposite Leng Ye Tong. "My dear sister, you are truly carefree and happy after leaving. Do you know how much of a ruckus you have caused back home?"

"What does that have to do with me?" Leng Ye Tong raised her eyebrows challengingly. "Unless you do not know my personality, as caring about what people think have never been the way I do things."

"Leng Lian Xin after hearing you are about to get married to Jin Nan Wang has all but trashed the residence. Even mother has been made ill due to her." Leng Ye Ran smiled, scraping the tea cup cover across the tea cup, saying absentmindedly, "who does not know that the Prime Minister's eldest shu daughter Leng Lian Xin is crazy over Jin Nan Wang. With Liu yiniang's means, I believe that even if Jin Nan Wang did not wish for it, Leng Lian Xin will still appear on his bed. Today with you creating more mess, what do you think those two will do?"

"Hmph. What good can those two women do. I suspect that even right now, they are thinking of how to trap me, like all these past years." Leng Ye Tong coldy stated, her eyes flashing with killing intent. "All my years of tolerance seems to have have just allowed them to sharpen their blades. But with the time being ripe, I will naturally not let them go. Since they like to climb up the ranks through any means, why can't I give them a push?"

"Tong-er (t/n: an intimate short form of Leng Ye Tong's name), what have you prepared?" Leng Ye Ran frowned slightly, taking a sip of tea. Unexpectedly having a sense of anxiousness, he said "no matter what you do, please do not cross the line of that person, otherwise you will lose too much."

"Relax. Since Jin Nan Wang is the husband that the emperor has bestowed on me, making him lose his face is equivalent to losing mine. Even if I wish for Leng Lian Xin's name and virtue to be in complete shambles, I will not have it on my face." Leng Ye Tong lightly smiled, a glimpse of ruthlessness flashing, "I am just curious. If Leng Lian Xin loses all her face and virtue in front of the person she loves, what kind of a spectacle would that be? Haha, it will truly be interesting."

"Alright, I have no interest in fights from the houyuan (t/n: literally translated as back garden, it refers to the place where the women of a house i.e. fights between the women of the house). I believe you also know the limits. Let us discuss about serious stuff." Leng Ye Ran changed topics immediately, speaking while observing the expressions on Leng Ye Ran's face. Seeing that she did not disagree, he tested, "Tong-er, what do you think of Jin Nan Wang?"

"A talent that amazes the world, a strong pillar of this country." These few words clearly stated that Baili Liumo's impression in Leng Ye Tong's heart was extremely good. Even Leng Ye Ran was startled after hearing this description. It could be said that this was the highest praise that she has ever given to anyone.