Safe Spaces.

I check out a lot of content and ever since Mizzou, I've heard Democrats, Libertarians and of course guys like the MRA's poking fun at People Of Color, Queer Folks, Black women wanting and having Safe Spaces.

This is because of how dedicated they are to keeping those of less privilege with less access. This includes private,access to each other without interruption or shaming tactics.

They never have anything to say about fraternities, country clubs, or isolated propaganda spaces.

These are safe spaces of privilege therefore they get to exist institutionally without critique.

On my fiance's typical driving route the traffic is held up so students of financial privilege can walk from their private school across the street to where the cars their parents got them are parked so they can drive back to their gated communities.

They are actually going from isolated safe space to isolated safe space with tax payer funded cops holding up traffic for them in the process.

But hey.... Forget about all that. These femmes, the queer homeys, and people of color in general.

Because how dare they create their own safe space that costs you nothing and doesn't affect you at all.