Safekeepers Sketch: Jace's Style
Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying your long weekend <3

Starting this week, we're going to try and post sketches of our characters from The Safekeepers  by me (Hannah) on Mondays. It's part of a new posting schedule we'll be trying out this month. 

For the first drawing I drew Jace in his usual style. Which isn't much. This is about as fashionable as he gets since well... he's not a very fashionable person. Most of his clothing he'll wear even after it's worn down and full of holes. He has more important things in mind than dressing nicely. (Be sure to read our comic if you haven't yet to see what we mean!)

The rest of the main cast will be drawn in their clothing styles over the next several weeks! Hope you look forward to seeing them on Mondays :)

Thank you for looking!

Jace Owens & The Safekeepers (c) Hannah Fry and Amelia Buff, 2016-2017 (A&H Comic Magic)

Art is by Hannah.  

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