We decided to head to a friend's house instead of riding out tropical storm conditions at our RV park. Why? Well, the RV park has no structures with foundations. We wanted to make sure that we would have a safe shelter in case of tornado activity. There was an opportunity to head to a hotel room as well, but when we were invited to stay with friends, we happily accepted.

We are grateful to report that we have only had heavy rain. It still raining. Just when I think it has stopped, it starts up again. Regardless, it is a beautiful thing to know that our friends and family in Florida are safe and well. We are also grateful for no high winds or loss of power in our area. 

We are hoping to head back to our RV park later this evening. The only thing that would stop us would be blocked roads from standing water or downed trees. 

Thank you to all our friends, supporters, and family for your concern and prayers.