The SAGE Anomaly
Historical Fiction Short Story (with Crypto AI Art)

James came to me with a mystery a computer mystery. His grandfather had served in a Canadian army unit responsible for operating a secret computer node in North Bay Ontario. It was underground and part of a massive for its day computer network called SAGE.

Based on my study and research into the history of SAGE he thought I might have an idea of what happened the night of January 15th 1966. He came with a large box of manuals, rolls of film, computer tape reels and punch tape rolls.

The south portal

SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) is a computer network that consisted of 56 IBM AN/FSQ-7/8 computers scattered across the United States and Canada. There were about 24 Direction Centers with two computers each. If one failed they would switch to the secondary computer. One of these centers was 600 feet underground in North Bay Ontario.

Locations of SAGE computers 

His story was pieced from multiple conversations with his grandpa as he drifted into alzheimer's. 

"Damn it, Why is tape T in the system again? Get those girly pictures off the screens", he would yell in the middle of the night, James said. He always started out that way. "Put the P tape back in. Why is the A side and B side both active? The system is overloaded."

"James", I said, "Tape T was the test tape. It was used to run simulations of Russian bomber attacks, although there were test patterns on it also."

James finally told me of what he had pieced together. On January 15 1966 he thought his grandfather had said there was an was a major anomaly. He said there was random drawings on the command center screen. They kept changing becoming more advanced. And he said that he remembered because the night was cold at -35 c and he was able to park in the tunnel that night.

SAGE Combat Center Sryacuse Air Force Station 

"Shut it down now, remember in `59 when static on the modem line almost launched a CIM-10. Route the modems to New York until this interference stops.", he said once.

"Sometimes he would say the anomaly was caused by a programmer who liked to draw pictures on the screens. He thought someone had loaded the computer with images drawn using the light guns. But there are reports in this box that say it was looked into and all they ever found was a single image of a pin-up girl.", James said.

 Picture from The Atlantic 

"What did he say happened on the screens?", I asked. 

"All he ever said was that it began with random static and progressed to something like a language.", James said. "Could it be the computer learning on its own? Like artificial intelligence? But now that I think about it, he mentioned the possibility of Russians jamming the signals."

A Page from the SAGE Theory of Programming manual

"Let me look through this material James, I am not sure the Russians would jam radar signals in order to cause symbols on the screens.", I said. As he left James said, "O yes this is weird but once he said something about another purpose for the SAGE system. My grandfather said something about using the radar systems to watch outer space."

The Projection System

The film strips of images that were displayed on the large command center screen were deteriorated along with the magnetic and paper tape. But there were fragments that could be pieced together. Most of the film was the standard images of the coastline with aircraft markers moving in each advancing frame. 

The projection system could take a picture of a CRT and process the image every 30 seconds and then display it on the command center screen.

Another source of film came from the Situation Display Camera Console. Which is a normal SAGE display console with a self advancing film camera strapped to it.

But there were a few interesting fragments in the film strips. Pictures of symbols that looked almost modern.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 

Using the machine learning processes DCGAN and pix2pix I was able to recreate the missing parts of the frames and some of the missing frames.

The images make me really question what they saw that night. The images allay an advanced intelligence that in 1966 would not be understood. There is a message here that could only be understood today. The symbols predict the future. The future that is now.

Later this week (I am projecting Nov 20, 2018) I will release the first of a series of art from SAGE I was able to generate with AI and Machine Learning at my profile on SuperRare

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Semi-Automatic Ground Environment Air Defense System 

A video from MIT on how it would operate.

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