Sagittarius Moon - Today's Moon Mood
April 15, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon

The heaviness of the previous two days Scorpio moon lightens with the Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon although a heavy dose of insomnia may be a pertinent side effect of it all.

This may be a combination of the disseminating moon or maybe it’s the sun’s movement toward Uranus, our planet of awakening, literally.

The disseminating moon is suggesting a heightened need for communication, as well as personal epiphanies and the urge to complete anything you’ve started. This energy blends nicely with an instinct to rid yourself of any unhealthy habits or routines, including but not limited to negative self-talk, self-defeating behaviors, detoxing your body of any harmful, erratic, or unhealthy toxins, and gossip, even the lies you tell yourself.

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