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Sailing Around the World, week #2: Bimini, Bahamas by Sailing JAEKA
We apologize for a delay on this episode. We did our best to get it live as soon as possible. Step by step we are getting better skills on movie editing software and the entire production as well.

Sailing toward the Bimini we were planning to stay here just for few days. Plans changed fast. We have anchored in a lovely place, thinking to spend more time around and visit some interesting spots.

During this week we have visited a shipwreck, Sapona, and found out local rhythm of living. We got few thunderstorms during some nights but everything was ok at the end. Jack found the right set up for the anchor chain thinking about all aspects in this anchorage. By the way few thunderstorms in a row inspired Jack to invent something very useful for us - check out our next video to find out what :-)

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Sandy feet,

Jack & Kateryna