Sailing Maiweh: Cleaning Crud
Things are very wet in Maiweh these days. It never stops raining here, and we are constantly reminded of how we messed up by not fixing leaks in the deck during the summer. In any case, we are now hyper-aware of every little drip. We will attack when the dry weather comes with an army of Sikaflex and sealant.

The mast was taken down, and rigging inspected. Of course, adding a second backstay will be much more complicated than generously, pragmatically anticipated. I emailed the original owner of My Way, and we were surprised to hear that the rigging must be at least 23 years old. It looks brand new. They made things tougher in the olden days…

The windvane/hydrovane setup is in the scheming phase.

And I’m waiting for new canvas to reupholster the cushions in the mail.

Enjoy this video I crafted in the meantime!