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Sailing Nandji - Ep 27, Getting Sh*% Done!
Ahoy Nandji Family!

Thats right, another episode is up for you all to enjoy. In this episode, we are deep into boat works. Ticking off all those little jobs that need to be done. We paint, screw, hang, inspect and get help from people with more brains about stuff then us! 

Slowly Nandji is becoming a competent offshore cruising vessel. We are feeling great and feel that we are making progress into "the list" of things to be done. With still a mountain to climb, we are as determined as ever. Those small victories and targets reached make all the difference to a feeling like we can achieve this goal we have set our selves.

Thanks legends, it is you guys that show your love to our journey that really assists in our spark to keep capturing out experiences and show our determination to make this all come together! You guys rule!


Yosh, Bonita & Marley