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Sailing Uma: Step 41 "Ground Tackle"
Hi there Uma Patrons,

I am also one of the awesome and proud Uma Patrons and have been entrusted with the task of posting on behalf of Dan and Kika here on Patreon while they travel the world and capture the awesome footage that they share with us on a weekly basis. I'm happy to announce that they are half way through their long journey to the Caribbean and all is going great. They should have some really cool stories to share with us soon.

Until then, here's their "Ground Tackle" episode where they share with us some safety tips they've taken to prepare for their journey ahead. Be sure to Like, Share and Subscribe to their YouTube page if you haven't, and on their behalf and mine, we THANK YOU for supporting this awesome experience and look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Thank you again and as Kika usually says: cheers! ;)