Sailor Mars Inspired Crochet Slouchy Hat

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Sailor Mars. She's so mean to Usagi. I know, I know - Usagi is very annoying, but Rei is so cranky for no reason! She is my friend's favorite, though. And fire soul is a cool move.

I'm thinking of redoing this one so it's a little slouchier. The red I use is thinner than some of my other yarns that I combine with the white for the Sailor Guardians. It just isn't slouchy enough for me, personally. It sells pretty well, so I'm nervous about changing it, but you have to try things, right?

I can't wait until I save up enough to get a light box. Some of my pictures come out good, some not so great. It really depends on the weather. Since I take the photos as I'm making the new products, if it's rainy all week I get a picture like this.

Anyway, in other news: My shop will have something other than hats soon! 

It's very exciting. I recently invested in a button maker and paired up with an artist (who is also my boyfriend) and we're currently designing buttons! 

The first one didn't go so well (we jammed the button maker even though we watched the youtube video multiple times), but now that we know how to fix it buttons will be coming soon! 

You can find him on Tumblr to see some of his work:

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