Saints Row Original Let's Play - 00029 - Algie Fails to Beat the Rollerz (again)
WARNING: Saints Row is Restricted17 game, mainly for strong language. Therefore, these videos WILL contain swearing. Starting with the original game, 4NerdFamily plays all of the Saints Row games. The first title is a straight-up GTA clone, except you create your own character. And the violence is a bit over the top. Things don't get silly until SR2.

The previous Rollerz mission, which I had to complete off-screen because of how much time it was taking, had Algie trying to "defend" vans full of car parts from Rollerz agression/stealing. This mission that I attempt here has Algie attempting to blow up 5 cars before the Rollerz can steal them for car parts. This mission requires timely and accurate use of a rocket launcher, otherwise you're going to be relying on luck. Once a Wheeler gets behind the wheel of the target car, they drive in random directions, frequently in circles, at near-top speed with near-perfect precision. What screws them up is that the game scripts a Rollerz "protection" car to run interference against the presumption that you will be trying to bash the target car with your own car. The protection car will eventually ram into the target car because each is following it's own script with slightly different requirements. The target car will try to pull a 90 degree turn into the protection car, go flying through the air, land against a building and blow up. All you have to do is A) start out pointed in the right direction, and B) never lose sight of the target car, which involves C) never make a mistake in your driving. This mission has a ten second timer that goes off if you lose visual contact with the target car. Because it's travelling so fast, if you lose sight that means you've probably lost that car.

I haven't thrown a controller in 20 years. I did after trying this mission several times.