Saints Row Original Let's Play - 00032 - Algie Gets Back on His Horse
WARNING: Saints Row is Restricted17 game, mainly for strong language. Therefore, these videos WILL contain swearing. Starting with the original game, 4NerdFamily plays all of the Saints Row games. The first title is a straight-up GTA clone, except you create your own character. And the violence is a bit over the top. Things don't get silly until SR2.

I finally beat that ridiculous mission. As I said previously, with a little luck it works out fine. I don't need any more respect, so I skipped several activities and went back to stealing CDs from Los Carnales and painting over their tags. And then I took over the Rollerz apartment complex where they were...protecting some jurors? Killing jurors? Plying jurors with hookers and dope? I wasn't really clear on that. As usual, my instructions were to blow shit up.