Saints Row Original Let's Play - 00080 - Let's Take out the Vice Kings
WARNING:  Saints Row is Restricted17 game, mainly for strong language.  Therefore, these videos WILL contain swearing.  Starting with the original game, 4NerdFamily plays all of the Saints Row games.  The first title is a straight-up GTA clone, except you create your own character.  And the violence is a bit over the top.  Things don't get silly until SR2.

Videos 61 - 69 cover a major part of the Los Carnales missions and strongholds, almost to the end of that storyline.

70 - 71 are the last bits of Carnales prep before the final Carnales mission, plus Algie finishes stealing all the CDs.

72 - 75:  The final Los Carnales Mission, starting the final long run against the Vice Kings with Johnny Gatt.

76-78:  Algie and Johnny Gatt roll through several Vice Kings missions, strongholds, and pushbacks.  And Johnny gets shot for the first time in the series.

79-80:  The leader of the Vice Kings is overthrown, and Julias sends Algie and Gatt to save him?

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