Saints Row Original Let's Play - 00087 - Final Scene End Game Algie Blows Up
WARNING:  Saints Row is Restricted17 game, mainly for strong language.  Therefore, these videos WILL contain swearing.  Starting with the original game, 4NerdFamily plays all of the Saints Row games.  The first title is a straight-up GTA clone, except you create your own character.  And the violence is a bit over the top.  Things don't get silly until SR2.

87:  Algie meets Alderman Hughes on Hughes' yacht.  Julius has betrayed Algie; Troy was a cop (what a shocker), and Dex has gone along with Julius' plan to save his own skin.  King tried to warn us.

Johnny is directionless and will either end up dead or in jail without the protection of the Saints, but Algie is too strong and respected.  Now that he's done Julius' and Hughes bidding, he will be murdered on the yacht and dumped into the bay, and the gang problem in Stillwater will be ended.

And then the boat blows up.