Sal is back from Emerald City Comicon!
I was at Sakura Con and Emerald City Comicon which are a week away from each other, and both in Seattle. I went with my friends Brooke (BabblingBrookePlays) and Hannah (CaughtNotSleeping) where we had an absolute blast! I am so glad they had tickets for me, or else I couldn't have gone. Hannah did all the costumes, and really made some people happy (including myself).

So as you may have noticed, there has been no new TEP for a while. Now that I am back, new episodes will be on their way. I was gone and couldn't edit, and Josiah has been having issues with his new PC being shipped to wrong places. So he couldn't edit as well.

I am back though! Going to be taking 2 days to chill, play some games, read some ASOIAF, and then I will get going again!

I wanna thank everyone for being patient, for subscribing, for watching us talk about movies for hours.

We have a short coming out soon on the main Doorway channel, and Pavel Hall is going to go into editing soon.

We love you guys, keep spreading the word <3